Microfluidics Solutions Lab


Grants/Funded Proposals

Project/Proposal title

NSF Career: "ASSURED" electrochemical platform for multiplexed detection of Cancer Biomarker Panel using Shear-Enhanced
Nanoporous-Capacitive Electrodes

Undergraduate Research and Innovation Experience in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapeutic Intervention

A rapid, robust, cost-effective field-based platform technology for the selective and sensitive determination of PFAS in source water

Source of Support

National Science Foundation


National Science Foundation


United States Geological Survey

Quantitative Modeling of Live Breast Cancer Cell Metabolism Exposed to an Electromagnetic Field

Field-Scale Demonstration of a Novel Real-Time Sensor for PFAS

I-Corps: Point-of-use microfluidics-based electrochemical platform for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) detection in source water.

SBIR: Phase II Low-cost Diagnostic for Animal and Zoonotic Diseases

New Jersey Health Foundation

Environmental Security Technology Certification Program

National Science Foundation


Department of Homeland Security