Innovational ESSENCE Platform: Porous flow-through electrode

The significant challenges of an electrochemical sensor for detection and quantification in low-concentration molecular are (1) sensitivity, due to target molecule have high dissociation constant, low electronic field coverage, and double film length; (2) selectivity, due to similar dissociation constants of molecules in the system. These two significant difficulties provide noise and false-positive/negative result that limits the instrument detection limit (IDL). ESSENCE is a novel electrochemical sensing platform that utilizes a shear-enhanced, flow-through, nanoporous, and capacitive electrode technology. Flow-through the electrode enhances the generated shear force, decreasing undesired bonding, and thus preventing non-specific binding and biofouling and contributing to the tunable selectivity of our device. Non-planar interdigitated electrode design providing higher electronic field coverage to the microfluidic system, and is also preventing the electronic signal loss from the fluidic shear, resulting in ultra-sensitivity to the target molecules. Previous work has demonstrated the unparalleled sensitivity of our device for the detection of oligonucleotides, proteins, and Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS family).

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